Little Prince watching the stars wood wall art

Pitsy Ricky, which means small kid in Greek, is inspired from the magic world of fairytales. Pitsy, a playful little girl and Ricky the dragonfly are best friends and love adventures. They invite your little ones to a magical world of forests with elves, fairies, colorful trees, giant flowers and dancing houses!

Process. Every artwork is hand crafted to the last detail, in our workshop based in Athens by applying a mixed media technique on wood.

Materials.  Our artworks are made of non toxic and eco-friendly materials, produced in small scale, locally and safe for kids and the environment.

Paper collage on wood for kid's bedroom
Handmade art for kids on wood

PitsyRicky was founded by the architect Aggel Zaharia, designer and creator, who was inspired by the birth of her first daughter and felt the need to surround her with whimsical and ecofriendly artworks.